​Once upon a time, we were newbie parents who took a photo of every single movement our twins’ lives. We’re talking they’d drool and we took a photo. Before they were even two, we amassed thousands of photos, but when stood alone, didn’t capture the joy we experienced in that moment with our girls.

One day, our then 18 month old girls were playing with a soccer net in a park. They were having a blast so once again, we snapped a ton of photos.  We wanted to post one on social media but if we’re being totally honest, most of the pictures - as solo shots - were poke-your-eyes-out boring.


Then it hit us. As kids, we LOVED those little Flip It Books! So we played with using ALL the photos making them into a cool “flip” video that showed how extraordinary our time was with our kids in that simplest of moments. We now want to help other parents capture that joy and feel blessed to be able to help families do just that.


Jess, Marc, Makena, Hope

Pour wine. Order pizza. Watch “Lost” (or whatever show we were into) on Netflix. That was our weekend ritual for years. At some point we thought, “Wow! For a couple that thinks their lives are extraordinary, we do pretty ordinary things.” Then we realized that’s the beauty of life, when you’re in it, it doesn’t take much to be extra-ordinary.


Married and nearly three year old twin girls later, we hold the same philosophy. That’s why we created Flip It Life and wanted to share it with other families.

We know it’s in these little moments, captured in these tiny snippets from our lives that remind us just how frickin’ extraordinary our lives truly are. Here’s to enjoying every moment.

Greetings from Oregon! We have been married since 2009 and have two beautiful children: Zoey (6) and Jeremy Jr. (5). What an amazing life we have built! We live in a quiet town nestled in between 2 large canyons with nothing but wheat fields for miles on end!


We're young entrepreneurs with a mission to positively change people’s lives! We may live in a small town but we have BIG dreams and goals and are so excited to help you Flip!


Michele, Jeremy, Zoey, Jeremy Jr.

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